Why does your package say “From our farm to your table"?

Check out the “Our Team” page, and you’ll see what a small family we are. No gimmicks, no technicalities—these are the faces of the very real people who raise and care for the Randall Linebacks on Chapel Hill Farm. Help us save the Randall Lineback from extinction by making a purchase today. Join Team Randall Lineback, and become part of our extended family!

What is meat “Traceability”?

It is the ability to know exactly where your meat comes from. Large commercial slaughterhouses and many large e-commerce butchers intermix parts, products, and ground meat from many different animals and many different sources. The Meat Industrial Complex does not keep track of the identity(ies) of the animal(s) in the packets they are selling. On the other hand, we do.

How “traceable” is Randall Lineback?

Each package of Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback can be traced back to an individual animal. To our knowledge, no other farm or online meat, beef, or veal company provides this level of traceability! These two facts, of single animal traceability and the fact that each packet is sourced from only one animal,  provide the ultimate in food safety.

Is it true that “high fat equals high flavor”?

No. In cattle, the muscles that work the most are actually the most flavorful. That said, fat does help to carry flavor, so we need some fat, just not too much.

Fat and “marbling” are marketed as good things? What gives?

You wouldn't eat one stick butter, much less two! Have you noticed that when you eat a heavily marbled steak or a fatty hamburger, you often feel weighed down and greasy? Randall Lineback has rich flavor, but low fat, so you get all the yum without the food coma. It’s a lean, healthy protein, so you can have that incredibly delicious burger without sacrificing your health.

Why is it important for Chapel Hill Farm to sell Randall Lineback beef?

This is the survival plan for the Randall Linebacks, the rarest cattle in the world. Because they were not designed for the commodity world of the Industrial Meat Complex (and have not been genetically modified to satisfy it) the Randall Linebacks must earn their living as a specialty product. In today’s world of farming, if a breed has no commercial value, it goes extinct. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves not just to the care of these wonderful animals, but to creating an active commercial market for them. By giving them a job, we can save this breed! Our motto is: Eat Well and Do Good. You, the health-conscious epicure, hold the key to this breed’s survival.

Is Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback dry aged?

Yes, but for no more than a week. Our meat is then butchered, immediately vacuum sealed, and frozen to maintain freshness.

Is Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback free of antibiotics, steroids, and growth promoting hormones?

Yes! Absolutely!

I usually purchase free-range and/or pasture-fed beef. Are the Randall Linebacks free range?

Yes! For our cattle there is no “indoors.” They are born, raised, and bred outside. They are social animals, most comfortable in a herd setting. They are also ruminants, meaning they’re built to eat grass. So we let them do what nature intended—they graze free-range on pasture grasses and socialize with their fellow Randall Linebacks.

What is Chapel Hill Farm?

We are a small family farm in Berryville VA (see more). It is very difficult for small family farms to compete with today’s gigantic Big Industrial Agribusiness. We seek to conserve the land and preserve America's colonial cow. To survive, the Randall Linebacks must "get a job". Their job is the provision of high quality meat to the market. It may initially seem contradictory that to preserve the breed we must consume these animals. However, so far it's working. Chapel Hill has grown its herd more than 1,000% in ten years. by selling Randall Lineback to local chefs. We will continue to supply fine chefs. But, now it is time to offer Randall Lineback to the consumer as well. Please join the team and support the survival of the Randall Lineback by making a purchase today.

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