Randall Lineback New York Striploin (Bone-In)

“A simple preparation is best, because the flavor of this cut is stupendous! I use a cast iron skillet on our gas stovetop at medium high. Turn on the fan, because a little smoke and some spattering is standard. A New York Strip can be split for 2 diners, or a single steak can be served for one hungry diner. I like this steak rare.” -Joe Henderson

This recipe is how we cook New York Strip steaks at Chapel Hill Farm- they are, in a word, DELICIOUS.



See Ingredients for “No Fail Marinade”
2 New York Striploin Steaks (serves 2-4 people, depending on hunger levels) - MUST be properly thawed, see under INFO, at top of page
3 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Sea salt from a salt mill
Ground Pepper from a pepper mill


-Rub steaks in our “No Fail Marinade” (CLICK HERE FOR RECIPE) You can marinate as little as 30 minutes ahead of time, leaving steaks at room temperature, or as much as a day ahead, keeping steaks in the refrigerator.
-Lightly score the fat on the sides so that the steak edges won’t curl.


-Bring your skillet (we like cast iron) to medium high heat.
-Add the butter to melt. Then add the olive oil.
-Add the steaks and move them around so they won’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
-Generously grind salt and pepper on the top side of the steak, then flip and salt and pepper the other side.
-Sear for 2 minutes, then flip and sear the other side for 2 minutes.
-Holding the steaks with tongs, sear the edges of each.
- Once fully seared, continue cooking the steaks over medium high heat, flipping them about every 2 minutes. It takes approximately 10 minutes to crisp the outsides of the steaks, while keeping the inside rare (130F). We use a small meat thermometer (FYI- chefs hate these!) to check for doneness.
-Remove steaks from the skillet and let rest on a carving board for 5-10 minutes.
-Using a very sharp carving knife, cut off the tougher edges and cut out the bone. Cut steak into thin slices and enjoy!