100% Pasture Born. 100% Pasture Raised.

Randall Lineback is beyond grass-fed. What does that mean for you?

1: Unparalleled Flavor

The Randall Linebacks spend their entire lives outdoors, as nature intended. They work their muscles, eat well, and roam freely. This translates into rich red meat, packed absolutely chock-full of satisfying flavor.

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   Randall Lineback Chops- heritage, grassfed meat at its best.

Randall Lineback Chops- heritage, grassfed meat at its best.

2: Meat That’s Good For You

Randall Lineback is significantly better for you than other top-tier beef, with higher beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, lower saturated fats, and less than half the cholesterol of Wagyu. Producers of high-fat animals would have you believe that fat is good. We disagree! Randall Lineback beef has all the flavor without the cloying fat.

You are what you eat.

With Chapel Hill Farm Randall Lineback:

Randall Lineback Burger- heritage, grassfed meat at its best.

Randall Lineback Burger- heritage, grassfed meat at its best.

  • You are drinking the crystal clear waters of our limestone springs and eating the nutritious grass from our pastures.
  • You are not consuming added growth hormones, steroids, or unnecessary and dangerous antibiotics.
  • You are tasting beef the way it was meant to taste. Heritage genetics lead to a lean meat that’s surprisingly rich and juicy. This is a red meat all its own. It is heart-healthy, good-for-you, honest-to-goodness real food. This means our meat will satisfy your deepest hunger while leaving you feeling energized.

Our Secret? Nature and Nurture.

The outstanding flavor of Randall Lineback is the result of:
1. Unmatched heritage genetics, and...
2. Our dedication to 100% pasture-based, humane treatment.

1. The nature of our product:
The Randall Linebacks are a genetic time-capsule from the 1700s. They existed in America a century before high-fat beef breeds were invented, so they are one of the only remaining cattle breeds in the world that taste the way beef was meant to taste.

2. How we nurture our product:
To create a product that is of the highest quality, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the highest quality of life for these animals. They spend their entire lives outdoors. All cattle are ruminants, meaning they are built to eat grass. They are also built to live in free ranging herds. We believe strongly in the power of nature—of green grass, spring water, and sunshine—and never give our animals growth hormones, steroids, or harmful antibiotics.

The Randall Linebacks on the fields of Chapel Hill Farm

The Randall Linebacks on the fields of Chapel Hill Farm

In the end, the marriage of heritage genetics and animal husbandry has led to a totally unique product that no other producer can replicate: the highest quality heritage beef imaginable, with outstanding flavor, satisfying to the palate, yet low in fat… We know you’ll taste the difference.