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Joe Chapel Hill Farm


Joe commits himself every day to leaving the land at Chapel Hill Farm in better shape than when he found it. He believes in stewardship, in responsible animal husbandry, and in helping Nature use its enormous power to heal itself when given a chance. He also believes that the Randall Linebacks, America’s historic colonial cattle, can be saved from extinction—but only if we all work together to give them a job.

Noah Chapel Hill Farm


Noah looks forward to every day because he is doing what he loves. He began working with cows as a 4H kid when he was 9 years old, and since then he’s learned just about everything there is to know about cattle. Having worked with the Randall Linebacks for over a decade, he is now the reigning world expert on these extraordinary animals. In fact, we suspect that Noah is more than half cow himself.



After years of advanced testing, we can honestly say that no piece of machinery exists that Andrew can’t fix. On some days, Andrew can be found bringing welding equipment out to the hayfield to fix a piece of a broken rake. He’s also been known to strip down an entire engine to diagnose a problem, then build it back up again. Andrew and his wife are also the only married couple we know who met as competitors in a Truck Pull.


Nickname: The Big Job. Noah and Andrew have known little Ty since he was 6. Raised a Clarke County boy (his dad owns the local Clearwater Feed & Supply Co.), Ty has become an invaluable member of the team. Bred and born to farming, he cut his teeth with the 4-H and the FFA showing pigs, goats, sheep, and cattle. His “can-do” attitude has earned him a devoted group of farm fans (human and bovine alike!). He likes what he does, and it shows.



Lucia (aka Lulu) is Joe’s daughter. She’s our photographer, website organizer, content writer, graphic designer, social media poster, test kitchen experimenter, and works to spread the word on our quest to save these wonderful animals. Every time she hikes the farm to find the perfect shot, even when dodging cow pies, she’s reminded of the inescapable beauty of this place and the Randall Linebacks that call it home. Her goal is to capture that beauty so others might feel compelled to join the fight to save this remarkable breed.