"Cult Steak" Premium Sampler


"Cult Steak" Premium Sampler

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We created our “Cult Steak” Premium Sampler in response to Bloomberg’s anointing us one of “a small but mighty movement of cult steaks sweeping the globe.” Bloomerg designated Chapel Hill Randall Lineback “The Heritage Steak.” As they note in their article (see below): “Unlike the now-ubiquitous Kobe and typical grades of Wagyu, [these steaks] are not always easy to find.” So we decided to make it a little bit easier by combining all of our steak cuts into one delicious package! The Cult Steak Sampler includes:

• Four Bone-In RibEye Chops (14-18 oz. ea.)
• Four Bone-In New York Striploin Steaks (14-17 oz. ea.)
• Four Skirt Steaks (ca. 40 oz. total)
• Three Flank Steaks (ca. 40 oz. total)

In Bloomberg’s words, “The meat's bright, clean, complex flavors don’t come from fat (as is required with Wagyu), but from solid genetics and well-developed muscle that characterize the Randall Lineback breed.” Turn to our recipes page for suggested cooking methods—as with all Randall Lineback products, the key is being gentle, cooking to medium rare, and slicing across the grain. Your tastebuds (and your friends) will thank you!

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“Now a small but mighty movement of cult steaks is sweeping the globe, starring farmers and artisanal producers in places from Shodoshima, Japan, to Marin County, Calif. They’re all vying to raise the bar when it comes to beef, and they're succeeding, largely thanks to their shared concerns for heritage breeds, sustainability, and fair husbandry practices.”

From “Forget Kobe Beef: These Are the Cult Steaks Everybody Wants Right Now- The meaty bragging rights game has changed”
-by Kate Krader and Nikki Ekstein

Pro Tip: Product should arrive cool to the touch.  Place in your refrigerator to consume within three days, otherwise place it in your freezer. To thaw Randall Lineback in its vacuum-sealed package place it on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours). Never thaw Randall Lineback in hot water or at room temperature. If you must use a microwave for thawing, always remove the product from its vacuum package.