Ossobuco Bundle (Famiglia Size)


Ossobuco Bundle (Famiglia Size)

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If you're looking to feed friends and family, and your friend's families, look no further!

We bundled 16 Ossobuco shanks and took 50% OFF!

Total Weight, approx. 16 lb (Serves 16+)

Sixteen 2"-thick Shank Sections (individually packaged)

Our Randall Lineback Shanks, a Milanese speciality, are perfect when braised with vegetables, wine, and stock. A saffron risotto on the side might just make all the troubles in the world go away. We cut our ossobuco portions from the center of the shank so you get the highest quality, most generous servings possible. Give these some time in your slow cooker or crock pot until the meat is ready to fall off the bone, and make sure to have some small spoons at the ready to dig into all of that richly delicious marrow.

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"... Chapel Hill Randall Lineback gives us a glimpse of our past while carving our delicious culinary future."...Chef Jose Andres

Pro Tip: Product should arrive cool to the touch.  Place in your refrigerator to consume within three days, otherwise place it in your freezer. To thaw Randall Lineback in its vacuum-sealed package place it on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours). Never thaw Randall Lineback in hot water or at room temperature. If you must use a microwave for thawing, always remove the product from its vacuum package.