Randall Lineback Boneless New York Strip Steak (wet aged)

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Randall Lineback Boneless New York Strip Steak (wet aged)

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New York Strip Steaks are 10-12oz ea.

This is Chapel Hill Farm’s favorite steak! Randall Lineback brings this cut to the next level with its rich, lush flavor. The best part is: you get all the taste without cloying fat. If you’re used to boneless strip steaks that have more fat than meat, this cut will astound you with its deep flavor and lean personality. These steaks are wet aged for 21 days, so they have a more developed flavor and added tenderness. Prepare on the grill, on the stove, or under the broiler for the deepest flavor, or sous vide and sear if you're looking for an effortless meal. Salt and pepper are the only spices you need, though we sometime serve them with chimichurri sauce for an added zing.


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"... Randall Lineback, it is real meat--honest, robust, and flavorful."...Chef Nick Stefanelli

Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Product should arrive cool to the touch.  Place in your refrigerator to consume within three days, otherwise place it in your freezer. To thaw Randall Lineback in its vacuum-sealed package place it on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours). We do not recommend thawing Randall Lineback in hot water, at room temperature, or in a microwave.