Randall Lineback Ossobuco (Shanks) 2-FOR-1


Randall Lineback Ossobuco (Shanks) 2-FOR-1



2-for-1 SALE! Buy ONE ORDER (3 shank pieces) and get ONE ORDER FREE!!!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY: Add 1 Order of Ossobuco to your Cart below, and you will receive 6 individually packaged Shank Sections, rather than the usual 3.


One Order: Total Weight, approx. 3 lb (Serves 3+)
           Three 2"-thick Shank Sections (individually packaged)

Our Randall Lineback Shanks are what you dream of when you dream of Ossobuco (and yes, here at Chapel Hill Farm, we dream of Ossobuco). A saffron risotto on the side might just make all the troubles in the world go away.

Each Ossobuco portion provides a complete meal, no side dishes needed. They are perfection, whether cooked “Old School Milanese”, yielding a thick, rich bowl of complex flavors, or “New School,” yielding an “Easy Crockpot Soup” while you are at work or play (see our RECIPES PAGE). The marrow from each bone is incomparably flavored and lends additional richness to every recipe.
We only cut three center pieces from each Randall Lineback shank so you get the highest quality, most generous servings possible. You know this is the real deal, because each Ossobuco is differently sized.

*NOTE: fore and hind shanks are combined under one product heading.

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"... Chapel Hill Randall Lineback gives us a glimpse of our past while carving our delicious culinary future."...Chef Jose Andres

Pro Tip: Randall Lineback should be thawed in its vacuum-sealed package on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours, depending on the thickness of the product). Never thaw Randall Lineback in hot water or at room temperature. We recommend against thawing in a microwave. If you must use a microwave for thawing, always remove the product from its vacuum package.