Randall Lineback Short Ribs

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Randall Lineback Short Ribs

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Each order contains 3 slabs of Short Ribs, total weight approx. 2.5-3 lbs

This cut is as scarce as the breed itself. Unlike the fatty shortribs you've had in the past, ours are thick and meaty, with intense flavor that is beyond compare. Forget about feeling weighed down by excessive fat-- you could run a marathon after consuming these ribs! So pull out your crock­pot and your favorite recipe, and don’t hold anything back—nature has already done most of the work for you!


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"To create incredible experiences and memorable flavors I rely on passionate farmers to deliver unique, quality products. Chapel Hill Farm is the exact type of producer I seek out."...Chef Frank Ruta"

Pro Tip: Product should arrive cool to the touch.  Place in your refrigerator to consume within three days, otherwise place it in your freezer. To thaw Randall Lineback in its vacuum-sealed package place it on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours). Never thaw Randall Lineback in hot water or at room temperature. If you must use a microwave for thawing, always remove the product from its vacuum package.