Randall Lineback Steak Lover Butcher Box

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Randall Lineback Steak Lover Butcher Box

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A $300 value! Save 15% with our Steak Lover Butcher Box!

Each Order contains:
4 Boneless NY Strip Steaks (approx. 10 oz each)
4 Sirloin Steaks (5-6 oz each)
2 Tomahawk Chops (approx. 1 lb each)

**IT GETS BETTER: We're throwing in a pound of Premium Ground, the Rolls Royce of ground beef. Because it is the best ground in the world, and we want to spread the joy**

Three of our outstanding steaks in one delectable package! Remember: Randall Lineback is rich in flavor but low in fat, so treat it gently. It will cook relatively quickly compared to fattier cuts. Our steaks are wet-aged to deepen their flavor and increase tenderness. Your tastebuds will savor the buttery depth of flavor, while your body will thank you for keeping it lean, mean, and heart-healthy. And don't worry-- there's still space in this box for other delectable cuts, so you don't have to spare yourself the shortribs or tenderloin medallions. The more, the merrier!

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"This special unique animal not only carries a tremendous history on its back but also a sublime luxurious flavor in its meat."...Chef Cathal Armstrong"

Pro Tip: Pro Tip: Product should arrive cool to the touch.  Place in your refrigerator to consume within three days, otherwise place it in your freezer. To thaw Randall Lineback in its vacuum-sealed package place it on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours). We do not recommend thawing Randall Lineback in hot water, at room temperature, or in a microwave.