Randall Lineback Deluxe Package


Randall Lineback Deluxe Package


A $911 Value! SAVE with a Sampler Package!

Shoot for the moon with this carefully selected Deluxe Package of Randall Lineback products. Take some time to test and taste all the great cuts of Chapel Hill's finest, all while saving $137! Each package includes:

  • Four 1 lb packages of Premium Ground Randall Lineback (total: 4 lb)
  • Two 1-1.25 lb packages containing 2 Randall Lineback Rib Chops (total: 4 chops, 2-2.5 lb)
  • Eight .5 lb packages of Randall Lineback Scallopine, 3-4 slices per package (total: 4 lb sliced scallopine)
  • Two 12-16 oz. packages containing 3 slabs each of Randall Lineback Short Ribs (total: approx. 2 lb)
  • Two packages containing 3 thick-cut Randall Lineback Ossobuco shank bones (total: 6 shank cuts, approx. 3.5-4 lb)
  • And wonder of wonders, we've added a Randall Lineback Roast

Your tastebuds will thank you!

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"This special unique animal not only carries a tremendous history on its back but also a sublime luxurious flavor in its meat."...Chef Cathal Armstrong"

Pro Tip: Randall Lineback should be thawed in its vacuum-sealed package on a plate in your refrigerator (this will take 24-48 hours, depending on the thickness of the product). Never thaw Randall Lineback in hot water or at room temperature. We recommend against thawing in a microwave. If you must use a microwave for thawing, always remove the product from its vacuum package.